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Selecting The Right Car

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Selecting The Right Car

2 Reasons To Switch To Synthetic Motor Oil For Your Next Oil Change

Edith Cook

Any car owner knows that one of the most important types of routine car maintenance is oil changes. Getting an oil change is the most common service you will do to your car, and it is vital if you want the car to last. If you are preparing to get an oil change soon and have not yet used synthetic motor oil, here are two reasons you may want to switch this time.

It Holds Up Better

Synthetic motor oil is man-made, and the way it is made makes it hold up better than traditional motor oil. What this means is that it provides more stability for your engine, and this results in offering more protection for your engine. Additionally, synthetic oil does not sludge up like traditional oil. As traditional oil gets dirty, it thickens and becomes like sludge. When this happens, it cannot flow freely throughout your engine, and this could result in engine problems. Synthetic oil does not have this problem.

It's also important to realize that traditional engine oil does not hold up well when it is really cold outside. Because of this, it can lead to engine problems during cold weather. Synthetic oil has a different molecule structure, which makes it work well no matter what the temperature is outside.

When you use synthetic oil, you might also notice an improvement in your gas mileage, simply because this type of oil flows better throughout an engine, and this helps improve the gas mileage of a vehicle.

It Costs the Same

When you use traditional motor oil, you will need to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles. Synthetic oil costs more than traditional oil, but it will last a lot longer than 3,000 miles. In some cases, synthetic oil will last up to 10,000 miles, but many experts believe it may last even longer than this in many cases. Because synthetic oil lasts longer, it will cost about the same to use synthetic oil as it would traditional oil; however, synthetic oil may offer more protection for your engine. If you care about your car and want it to last as long as possible, using synthetic oil may make a big difference.

If you need an oil change and have not yet tried using synthetic oil, now is a good time to give it a try. Synthetic oil is superior to traditional motor oil, and it may make a difference with the way your car operates and the life of your vehicle.